Aprés Moi

A man encounters a woman he doesn't recognize in his regular coffee shop and tries to remember where he knows her from. This was my Intermediate Experimental project, shot the weekend of April 4th and edited thereafter. Shot on Super 16mm film and cut on Final Cut Pro.

The Bet

Directed by John Lamensdorf, Marcus Emanuel and J. Sam Bakken. Asher bet his friend Joe that he could eat 16 White Castle sliders in an hour. We filmed it for our Digital Frame and Sequence class, and here are the results.

Up and Down the Hill

Music video made in Dublin for the Tisch/Hot Press contest. It was shot on HD but looks like crap compressed down this small, so this is a higher quality file that will load pretty slowly. Song is Up and Down the Hill by House of Cosy Cushions, written by Richard Bolhuis. www.myspace.com/houseofcosycushions

The Examination

Sorry, film to video transfer is terrible. They screwed us over because we're students; that's why it jumps around. Also, on the original you can see what the sheets of paper say, but here they're illegible; the first says "But you have the same thing" and the second says "But I am not under examination." A man shows up for a routine examination and is treated to a rather strange process. Made for my Sight & Sound Film class and shot on 16mm b&w.

Film Collage

Fifth film for Sight & Sound Film class at NYU. Film collage constructed from unused bits of my films, the films of my crew members and some parts that I just found on the floor of the editing lab, cut to "Sleep" by Godspeed You! Black Emperor. I didn't quite finish it, and so it ends rather abruptly.

Dream of 1,000 Leaves

Dream sequence project for Sight & Sound Film class at NYU. Shot on 16mm B&W reversal film in the West Village. It jumps around because the place we went to for our film to digital transfer gave us a raw deal because we're students. Such is life.

Case #2814

I helped Colin Walker, a friend and co film-buff, shoot this film as part of the “Guerilla Film” weekend in Sarasota in 2005. Teams were given 48 hours to write, film and edit a movie. We were given the genre of the film right at the start of the competition. We finished! It was a crazy and fun time.


Heroin was shot during the summer of 2004 at Harvard for the NY Film Academy program. It was selected for the Sarasota Film Festival’s Student Showcase and won for best editing. Just prior to the screening, and without telling me, Leanne McIntire (not sure how she was involved with the festival) arranged for a different film of mine to be screened due to Heroin’s “content” (anti-drugs!). So, I had my first taste of censorship as a junior in high school. Important to note that the other student films involved anti-authority, anti-god, murder and violent crime.....